Here you have a foretaste of cultural visits in the area:


After a small trip of 2.5 km on feet or by bike you can admire the magnificent renaissance castle, classified as a Monument Historique, in this charming small village. 


This small town is at 7 km of Maxey sur Vaise. It's at this place where the epic of Joan of Arc started. Near the ruins of the castle you can discover the Porte de France from where our young heroine set off on adventure. You can visit the museum of Joan of Arc and historical places.


Site under restoration

The castle of Gombervaux is 10 km from our village. It's a medieval castle of the XIV century, near Vaucouleurs. This fortified house is surrounded by a moat filled with water, fed by three sources. The moat is controlled by a valve and the overflow flows into the gulf called "gombervaux".

The castle was classified as Monument Historique by order of 21 March 1994.

The Gombervaux Association was created in 1989 and has saved the castle.

At present Gombervaux Castle is managed by the Association Gombervaux and can be visited for a fee during the summer months. The association is aiming to (partly) rebuild the castle. The castle is member of the international network REMPART and organizes every summer international volunteer wok.

Vannes le Châtel

This village in Meurthe et Moselle is 10 km from Maxey. Vannes le Châtel is known for its glass art. There is also a European center of glass art research and apprenticeships. You will find temporary exhibitions and demonstrations of glassblowing. Don't hesitate to do a glassblowing workshop with a torch!

DomrémyThe Vosges are not far from Maxey. At 10 km you will find the birthplace of Joan of Arc, classified as a Monument Historique since 1840. It has been conserved and renovated. Don't hesitate to visit it and also the basilica of Bois Chenu where Joan heard the voices to encourage her to defend France against the English. From the forecourt of the basilica you'll have a magnificent view over the Meuse valley.

In the north of the Vosges, 20 km from Maxey, you will discover Neufchâteau with his beautiful architecture. The old city has a lot of attractions for the culture and architecture lovers. The Fort of Bourlemont is the perfect place for young and old to discover in a playful way, by displays, the military life during the Great War.


Grand (25 km) has one of the biggest amphitheatres of Gaul, which dates from the end of the 1st century A.D. This Gallo-Roman construction was discovered during archeological excavations which started in 1963. The amphitheatre was build around an arena where the spectators came to watch gladiator combats. In the same village you can also admire an exceptional Roman mosaic, restored in 2009.


Do you want to discover the delicious Madeleine cakes? You will find them in Commercy! 20 min. by car from Maxey sur Vaise your taste buds will be pampered by this delicacy which was created around 1750 in the kitchen of King Stanislas. Today there are only 2 bakeries left:  A la cloche Lorraine and La boîte à Madeleine. Don't forget to visit the château of Stanislas.


30 km from Maxey you are already in Meurthe et Moselle. Toul is a nice little town to discover. There are the old city and its beautiful cathedral, the fortifications from Vauban to Séré de Rivières. But especially the fans of wine will discover the wines of the Côte de Toul and the touristic route with its numerous aspects.


Saint-Mihiel is a commune in the Meuse department, situated between Commercy and Verdun. This nice town has many attractions. You will discover the sculptures by Renaissance sculptor Ligier Richier, sweet specialities like "rochers" and "croquets", and there are monuments and sites of the Great War in the area.

On the route to Saint-Mihiel you will cross the village Sampigny where you can admire and visit the Castle of Clos, in neo-Louis XIII style in stone and brick. It was build for president Raymond Poincaré.

Vent des forêts
Lovers of nature and art will love the Vent des Forêts exhibition. This beautiful outdoor project of modern art is every year renewed. Since 1997, six small country villages, situated between Saint-Mihiel and Verdun, have invited national and international artists to make their art creation in wood, stone or iron, in harmony with the forest. There are 7 walking or cycling trails. Almost 90 works of art can be visited beside 45 kilometers of signposted path.
Madine lake

Lake Madine, protected lake of 11 km², is one of the largest lakes of Lorraine and is situated 60 km from Maxey sur Vaise. It's part of the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and is located in the Woëvre plain, between Nonsard-Lamarche and Heudicourt-sous-les-Côtes. The lake has a triple mission: it's a water reservoir, a national reserve for hunting and a recreation area (beaches, yacht and sailing boats.

Colombey les 2 Eglises

This village is situated in Haute-Marne, 75 km from us. Colombey les 2 Eglises was the home of the statesman Charles de Gaulle. His residence, called La Boisserie, is today a museum.


Joinville is a commune in the Haute-Marne department (50 km). It has the label Petite Cité de Caractère and is situated at the intersection of three beautiful historical regions: Lorraine, Champagne and Bourgogne. You can discover the remains of its medieval chateau-fort and its magnificent renaissance garden and the pharmacy which is a nice museum with more than 230 medical objects from the XIX and XXth century.


But also those big cities are worth to visit:

Vittel & Contrexéville

Discover Vittel and Contrexéville, two spa town 50 km from Maxey. Pamper yourselves with its multiple wellness activities.


Nancy is situated in the Meurthe et Moselle department, at 55 km of Maxey. You will find the Place Stanislas, the old city with its lively quarters, the Lorrain museum, the Nancy School, an architecture style of art nouveau whose inspiration is essentially in plant forms. The Pepinière Park is the green lung of the city, with a small zoo, a playground, various sport fields, a brasserie and a lot of place for dolce far niente.


58 km from Maxey sur Vaise, there is Bar-le-Duc. Discover this art and history city with its High Town, a real architecture treasure of the Renaissance, the Bar-le-Duc museum, Ligier Richiers works, Lorraine jelly,...

Who says Verdun, says Great War. 80 km from Maxey you will discover one of the great sites of the First World War where the French fought against the Germans in 1916 for 300 days and 300 nights. Not only the martyr city can be discovered but also numerous sites on the battlefield like the Douaumont ossuary, forts, destroyed villages, the Memorial museum,... In the city you can also discover and taste the sugared almond or dragée, a specialty of Verdun.